New Paleo/BW project

This site has admittedly been pretty sporadic for a few months. We’ve been dealing with a new baby, a new job and trying to get in shape for elk season. So thanks to all the folks that keep checking back.

You may be interested in a new blog that is part of my day job. I call is citydesk (lower case please) and it is a mix of Boise, Boise Valley and state news that comes across our radar down at the Boise Weekly offices. You can take a peak todaycheck it out here, but set your bookmarks for…

I am going to keep going because I still think it’s a good idea. But I encourage you to check back maybe once a week rather than every day. Maybe consider it like your Sunday paper, without the paper… We’ll have lots more stuff on here during the legislative session of course and maybe some new features.


So stay in touch.

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