Lights for Liberty event at Anne Frank Memorial in Boise, Idaho
Lights for Liberty event at Anne Frank Memorial in Boise, Idaho, July 2019.


It is our pleasure to listen & collaborate.

Paleomedia connects people and ideas through the power of local-to-global communication technologies. 

It is our pleasure to listen, consult & collaborate. Below are a few FAQs about the ideas and action we bring to the table for your org, activity or movement.

Why storytelling?

Stories are memory. Stories move us as humans and explain everything around us. The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell our children, our friends, our audiences, have great power over society. As we emerge from this global pandemic, all institutions have an opportunity to tell better stories about our people, our places and our memories. Paleomedia can help shape stories of your mission, package these new (yet, ancient) stories for sharing across digital and analog platforms and collaborate with media organizations hungry for better storytelling.

What is “local media engagement?”

Local news — print, digital, radio & television — remains among the most trusted forms of media in this era of mistrust. As a former newspaper reporter, Hoffman can help shape stories that matter for local reporters, find local reporters who are doing the hard work of covering their entire communities and help you tell them about your mission.

What’s an information campaign?

As misinformation and disinformation grow as tactics on the right, we must double down on providing the best information we have to the right people at the right time. Paleomedia can help build trust through transparency, fact checking, story & voice and help you deliver quality information to advance your mission.

What is media strategy?

Organizations and activists in the ’20s must understand the full array of communication technologies available to them, from those we own or borrow from Big Social, to online and data-driven tech, to print/video/audio, to pitching legacy and future media orgs… to the streets. We can help develop the best strategy for you to reach the right people at the right moment(s) with the right message(s).

What else can we build?

Paleomedia is deeply committed to building back a better world through fearless storytelling, big conversations — from local to global — and transcending worldviews. Get in touch if you need help connecting people in your community, breaking through deeply entrenched beliefs and assumptions or demystifying the complex media ecosystem on the 2020s.

Nathaniel Hoffman talks with a group of “Our Stories, Our Idaho” storytellers at the Idaho Press in Nampa, Idaho, a Define American/Idaho Press collaboration in Feb. 2020.

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