Press-Tribune layoffs not in newsroom

The Idaho Press-Tribune announced 16 layoffs Wednesday, but publisher Rick Weaver said editorial staff has not been cut.

“Business is just bad,” Weaver said. “If the economy was better we wouldn’t be doing it.”

The Canyon County paper posted a story Wednesday afternoon announcing the layoffs.

“Even though the economy is currently bad, there are many positive things at the Press-Tribune, including home delivery and single copy sales reaching new records. Combined with our growing online audience, the total Press-Tribune readership is higher than at any point in history.”

Layoffs will affect the entire building, but Weaver said editorial staff will not be let go.
Last month the paper announced a joint printing deal with the Idaho Statesman in which the smaller, Nampa-based paper will begin printing the Statesman. But that deal will not produce revenue for the Press-Tribune until next year, Weaver said.

The Statesman announced 16 layoffs last month at the same time as the joint printing contract was made public and also said an additional 20 layoffs would come when the Press-Tribune takes over printing.

The Press-Tribune which is owned by Pioneer Newspapers, gave employees two weeks notice and some type of severance package that may include a health coverage option through November.

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