Unda’ column inspires fundy quiz

A recent scan of the Gem State Voter Guide–a guide for Christian fundamentalist voters who like guns and nuclear power and home schooling and big business–revealed an interesting test for Primary Election candidates: “Protect right of legislative chaplains to pray according to their convictions including ‘in Jesus’ name.”

Hmmm… wonder where that came from.

In a March Unda’ the Rotunda column, we challenged just such a right. We don’t know of anyone else who has recently raised the specter of this widely accepted state establishment of religion practice. From the column: “Unda’ the Rotunda stands tall in the press gallery, head unbowed, lips unmoving, emotions ping ponging between agnostic contempt and a desire to rip off our shirt revealing a thick, imagined chest-sized Star of David tattoo.”

It appears that only candidates who agree with the survey respond to it. Maybe a few other candidates with too much time on their hands fill it out as well. But we want to personally thank the producers of the Gem State Voter Guide for letting all the Gem State Voters know who supports this medieval practice. (And for paying their bill in full to the citizens of Boise).

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