Ridenbaugh Press has 10 hotter races

Randy Stapilus at Ridenbaugh Press has winnowed out our earlier list of 10 key primary races across the state. Since we picked our primaries last month some of the field has changed.

Stapilus leads with the new race between former Eagle Mayor Nancy Merrill and Rep. Mike Moyle. But he does not give Merrill’s write-in campaign much cred. He also likes the Keough race in far North Idaho saying water adjudication has caused consternation in the district giving challenger Don Heckel a significant platform.

And Stapilus picks both House races in far East Idaho, including the open seat vacated by Larry Bradford. We agree that this grab-bag district is getting interesting.

One minor clarification to both our lists though: Kulczyk has dropped out of the popular District 14 race.

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