Kuwaiti sand rolling this week

Grandview dump got 800,000 tons of waste in ’07 from 37 states. Boise-based American Ecology, US Ecology’s parent company, reported revenue last year of $165.5 million with gross profit of $45.5 million. Sewell in the Statesman.

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The map above shows the possible location of the Owyhee County hazardous waste facility.

The Idaho Legislature changed the definition of hazardous waste in ’01 for US Ecology according to the MountainGoat Report. The company returned to the Capitol in ’02 and ’04 winning reduced fees both times. Retired Boise Sen. Cecil Ingram was the only vote against the original bill.

MountainGoat: “According to the Statesman, ‘company officials say the more money American Ecology makes, the more the state of Idaho benefits.’ With these numbers it seems the more money American Ecology makes, the more money American Ecology makes.”

EPA Facility Report here. Envirofacts report.

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