Craig to write energy book

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig recently revealed that he plans to write a book about the nation’s energy future after he leaves the Senate at the end of his term, according to a small-town newspaper.

Craig on his Web siteCraig was in American Falls, Idaho recently talking fertilizer and PR with backers of a proposed coal-gassification plant. After a detailed discussion on emissions, energy credits and the public perceptions of CO2, Craig revealed that he intends to write a book on America’s energy future when he leaves the Senate.

The Power County Press had the story a week and a half ago.

Craig told plant supporters that they need to keep pitching the public on their idea.

“Often times, we get so interested in the work at hand that we forget the PR side,” Craig said, according to the paper. “We need to be sensitive to PR because it does shape public opinion.”

Craig, who was arrested last year at the Minneapolis Airport during a men’s bathroom sex sting and pled guilty to the charges, is not seeking another Senate term. He recently told The Hill, a D.C. newspaper, that his decision not to run again predated the sex scandal.

Craig, no stranger to PR, has been fighting to have his guilty plea reversed.

Craig has worked closely with nuclear, oil and gas companies during his long tenure in the Senate.

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