Idaho’s best online news, now prettier

We here at have always wanted to hack into something. We’ve tried. We couldn’t even figure out how to pilfer a phone number off a college faculty directory let alone prowl the backend of the iTunes music store. Or of the CIA.

Plenty of reporters are hacks, of course. But cybercrime is just one step beyond our capabilities.

We do however read all of our news online and know what we like. So the past five days have been a whirlwind of near-hacking, trying to take this Web site to the next level.

There are now more feature stories offered on the front page. The Newsrack, our daily review of Idaho news that we should have patented, appears below in a new format. We will soon offer a separate RSS feed for that (and explain how that all works for you hacks out there).

The Annex, a mini-blog, now shows up in the right column, along with other tools: our calendar, a clip file and some other Web-y stuff.

And we have set up some statewide political forums where readers can interact with each other. Check those out too.

We have a few more features in mind and are always working on our styles, so bear with us. And please let us know how we are doing. Is it easy to find stuff here? What do you want to read? Etc…


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