A Sunday’s worth of links: 2012-02-26

Archived Twitter links for Feb 20-Feb 26 via @paleomedia.

  • greenhouse plastic #
  • Rivers and streams are so comfortable with gravity whilst we strive upward. #shityogisay #
  • I'd like to see migration/immigration represented in the @presspassme journalist beat directory. #
  • Get a clue: The Official Word on ILLEGAL – http://t.co/FgNLzBwF http://t.co/h2EI5ul6 #
  • Reading Thurs, 7pm, Rediscovered Book … go hear Fidel! “@fbmfidel: http://t.co/zWPQ2WkY” #
  • Just watched The Hidden City of Pertra (A&E Doc) with @Petrapeapod#
  • Why do Euro/American "experts" still think all cultural/knowledge exchanges are/were one way: Greece/Rome –> Africa/Arabia? #
  • Why does Leonard Nimoy voice documentaries? #
  • What's with the whole child sacrifice obsession in these Petra documentaries anyway (I spelled Petra wrong three tweets ago). #
  • The VanderSloot-Romney cabal on MSNBC @maddow show: http://t.co/Bvtz9ATY #
  • I'm all set up with a new "environment" on my Mac for the community ed intro #Ruby class tonight. #
  • Why is there no carnival in, like, Boise? #
  • What does a Jewish Fat Tuesday look like anyway? #
  • lots o' gay friends… RT @JodyMayChang Idaho Falls Channel 8: Vandersloot Responds To Allegations Of Threatening Media http://t.co/XmPLz1Qx #
  • You bet your sweet Jesus I do. | My Response and Challenge to Frank VanderSloot « The Idaho Agenda http://t.co/o0AMzsuq #
  • Rad MT @brianstelter: "My goal is to be an agency like Reuters or A.P., but at the moment we just have the Facebook pg" http://t.co/JuSZB8lL #
  • .@FakePulitzer tweet RT @Boiseweekly: #Arizona now too close to call as #Santorum shoots out from the rear. http://t.co/9Jl9yehO #
  • I always say I'm calling from Boise, like it's my firm or something official. #freelancelife #
  • Holy palindrome, batman! RT @mdsimmonds @petedpearson @avinash: The Future of Publishing: Short video: http://t.co/JCSCtfPb via @refreshweb #
  • I just pre-bought The Power of Habit by @CDuhigg b/c he emailed me at the scientifically neediest moment of my morning http://t.co/psZIares #
  • What if no one ran? | Sen. LeFavour won't run for re-election via @betsyzrussell Eye On Boise Feb. 24, 2012 http://t.co/J6XubCAh #
  • Good. I'd add something about accessibility. MT @jayrosen_nyu: Eight key terms for determining legitimacy in journalism http://t.co/mkAmWElq #

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