Radio Boise tweets summarized

For a few weeks now I’ve been intermittently tweeting about Radio Boise (and not blogging at all). Here is a collection of tweets in time order using Storify to organize them.

I went to the official ribbon cutting ceremony last week and was surprised at how excited I really was. I’ve always been on board with the idea of community radio in Boise and I remember going to the very first meeting some eight years ago when it all started. But I also kept a little distance from the effort, at first not thinking I had much to offer, then not sure if it was for real or not, and most recently trying to remain objective as a journalist covering the story (someone actually asked me if I was there to cover the ribbon cutting and I was thrilled to reply that no, I’m just there because I love the idea).

But now that it’s on the air and a new voice in the Idaho media landscape, I’m embracing the station fully. I grew up listening to Morgan State University’s community radio programming and fell in love with Caribbean music from a young age. Here’s to a generation of Boise kids growing up with a new universe of music and ideas and culture. Much respect to Jeff Abrams and the entire Radio Boise crew for pulling this off.

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