American love exile links for Ignite Boise presentation

Tonight I am “performing” the first public presentation of my research to the Ignite Boise crowd at the Egyptian Theater in Boise. It is a crowd heavy in tech, with a slightly palpable conservative bent … I’m thinking of making my next Ignite Boise pitch an analysis of the politics of Ignite Boise, but that’s a different story.

It’s also a free event, with beer, tailored to the short attention span set (AKA Twitter crowd). In other words, I have 5 minutes to convey 10 million years or so of immigration love stories. So I’m relying on some racy mental images in order to grab the crowd’s attention. But if anyone is interested in reading a bit deeper in this field, here are a few links I mention in my presentation.

For Census numbers, see:

Love Exile (my term) blogs:

Pop culture references:

And finally, contact me here if you have ideas, stories, questions or concerns.

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