Sine Die, No Butch & Wolves

PaleoMedia sort of sat out the last day of the session, but when we stopped by the Annex about 5 PM reps were already vacating the premises, boxes in hand, and senators were still talking to each other about how great they all are.

Look for Paleo 2.0 possibly as soon as next week. (Has anyone noticed the little “Donate” button toward the top of the Front Page?)

Meanwhile, more legislative wrapup stories to come tomorrow, but there is wolf hunting in Wyoming, an interesting take on GOP primary politics and a bunch of copy on the going home bills in today’s Newsrack…

87-day Legislative session comes to a close. Prof. Allred: “I think we’ve got checks and balances on steroids right now. It’s just very hard to get the House, the Senate and the governor on the same page.” Jaquet: Do Nothing Session. Druzin in the Statesman. Final Act: scaled back business equipment tax break. Ferguson in the LMT.

Primaries, benefits, etc. left to die. Davidson in the Post Register [subscrip]. AP wrap in the State Journal. Leon Smith: Like the last day of school. Hopkins in the Times-News.

25 Annex updates yesterday from the Spokesman Review. Blow by blow on Russell’s Eye (scroll to bottom and read up).

New business property tax repeal set at first $100,000. Was originally a Democrat idea to exempt part of the tax value. Goins in the CDA Press.

Senate Republicans approve call-for ballot idea to help GOP Chairman. House lets it die. Sen. Geddes: “We felt like we needed to take some action. I would certainly be more comfortable if Kirk Sullivan ran for re-election than Sen. Beck.” Miller, AP in the Times-News.

Ysursa pretty darn clear. He’s not happy about changing Idaho primaries. Legislature takes hands-off approach to closed primaries, awaits lawsuit from GOP. In 10 days? Ferguson in the LMT.

Wolves shot on week of delisting. Wyoming hunters on the prowl. Outfitter: “These wolves are an extremely tough animal to hunt. There was a significant amount of hunters out this weekend, and very few of them were taken.” Chris Merrill in the Casper Star-Tribune. Two near Ashton under IDFG investigation, more in Wyo. David Kennard in the Statesman. Refresher on the law from Island Park News.

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