Last day, biz tax, smog

It should be the last day of the Legislative session, not that that is a goal or something to be proud of or anything… but it is a relief. Now we can move on to stories about primary elections in just under two months.

Also stories about Canyon County’s impending decision on smogging, a look at Moyle’s power and a deconstruction of the veto… in today’s Newsrack…

House rejects biz tax amendments. Conference committee this morning to try to broker a deal. Maybe will settle on first $100,000 in value for exemption. Clark: $75,000 is “just an arbitrary number. Why isn’t it $1 million? Why isn’t it $2 million?” Russell in the Spokesman. Dems challenge Speaker’s authority, try vote on bill. Davidson in the Post Register [subscrip].

Big issues put aside Tuesday. No vote on local option, state worker retirement, Constitutional amendment. Set to go home today. Druzin in the Statesman. Modified primaries dead. No fooling at Annex. Hopkins in the Times-News. Insults on the House floor. Ferguson in the LMT.

Veto this. A deconstruction of the veto power. Denney: “His perception is the Legislature cut something out of his budget so he cut something out of ours. I don’t remember what we did to his budget.” Hoffman in BW.

Emission testing bill becomes law. Canyon Co. will have to do something in about 120 days. Non-attainment likely in the Boise Valley. Press Tribune.

Otter signs grocery tax relief. Otter: “I believe it’s got the money the quickest to the folks that need it the most.” Russell in the Spokesman.

Frazier bill passed over. Committee fails to vote on Constitutional change to make it easier for cities to bond. Frazier happy: “The highest court in the state of Idaho has told them they have to go to the voters. And they don’t like it. The cities and counties must keep their mitts out of our pockets – unless we allow them to stick them in there.” Miller, AP in the Press Tribune.

Moyle wins. Repubs pass on challenging powerful West Ada Rep. Moyle: “I had three primaries before I got to the primary: I had Nancy, I had Winder, I had John Franden. Now I have three Democrats and that’s just fine.” Otter reccommends against Moyle Challenge, welcomes Bastian challenge. Popkey in the Statesman.

Minnick challenges Sali vote on Renewable Energy Tax. Stumps at biofuel plant in Lewiston. Backs grants for renewables. David Cole in the LMT.

Henbest ducks out. Henbest on triple espresso: “Nursing brings something really unique to that health-care debate. We don’t have a huge financial stake in it compared with other entities. We’re not these super-paid professionals, we’re not these … multi-billion-dollar companies.” Darr in the BW.

Blow by blow on Stone-Gillette tiff. Stone: “In the jostling, his big white cowboy hat fell off. That suddenly diverted his attention to the hat on the snow. He picked it up and I said, ‘You just can’t do this to people.’” Kelly Jackson, Wood River Journal.

DeKlerk to U of I: ANC commies were more palatable without the USSR. Former S. African president still coming up with new justifications for apartheid, end of apartheid, collecting speakers fees. Joel Mills in the LM Tribune.

High numbers of undiagnosed Hispanic AIDS patients showing up at hospitals. Study looks at ways to catch them earlier, prevention. Press Tribune.

Missing winter yet? Pics from NewWest.

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