No Roads, Less Repeal & Outie 500?

Bikes anyone? Otter threw up his hands in disgust with the Legislature’s failure to fund his $240 million hole in the state road system. Fine, reply lawmakers. We’re outta here then…

But not so quick. Legislature could have a few more days work after the Senate trimmed back a repeal of business equipment taxes for the largest Idaho businesses, or for equipment intensive Idaho businesses, if you take the industry line. It now goes bak to the House for a grumpy approval.

Wolves are off the list, Ed Board says sorry and not much else in today’s Newsrack…

Senate scales back business tax repeal. First $75,000 in business equipment will be exempted. IACI President Alex LaBeau: It’s not fair. Rep. Moyle: Cap is too low. Druzin in the Statesman. Utilities still pay. Russell in the Spokesman. Stegner: “This is not going to help Potlatch as much as it’s going to help small businesses.” Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip]. Miller, AP in the Press Tribune.

Otter letter kills chance of road funding. Angry letter says legislators have “narrow focus,” lack “vision and political will.” Rep. Bedke: “I think the net effect of it was, there’s probably enough legislators that didn’t need much of an excuse to be done, so I’m afraid that it will have that effect.” Druzin in the Statesman. $200 million hole. Bite of the Apple. Dems: Where’s the beef? Russell in the Spokesman. Hopkins in the Times-News. Wood, JoAn: Poke me in the eye and I’ll poke you back. Miller, AP in the Press Tribune.

300-bed secure mental health facility passes. Will renovate warehouse in meantime and bond for $70 million project. Davidson in the Post Register [subscrip].

States take charge of wolves. Another rolling deadline on wolves reached. Another batch of wolf stories. Kauffman in the Mtn. Express.

Ed Board vows more spending oversight, better communication. Cites mixed messages from the governor. Jessie Bonner in the Post Register.

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