Business Tax, Emissions & Wolves

After a mess of testimony against repeal of the personal property tax, a Senate committee voted to pass the bill onto the full Senate. Cities and counties are worried about repercussions to their budgets.

Legislators hung around the halls this morning whilst their leaders tried to hash out some deals to get the session wrapped up…. One of them is on local option taxing and a Constitutional amendment.

News on Paleo is shifting toward elections. Enough of this legislative stuff already…

Emission testing passes Senate, headed to Gov. Bill will probably require Canyon to test tailpipes. Andreason: “For those of us who live in this Valley, this may be one of the most important votes we make this session.” Barker in the Statesman.

Equipment tax break for business passes final committee, moves to Senate. Corder: “Until this comes with a funding mechanism, it needs to not be taken seriously.” Druzin in the Statesman. Shifrin, AP in the Press Tribune. Siddoway fed up with the tax. Russell in the Spokesman. Oppositional testimony, pro votes. Hopkins in the Times-News.

Depredation fund overspent. Too many claims to Fish and Game for eaten crops. Kent Marlor: “Sportsmen and agriculture agreed to a short-term fix in order to keep credibility with growers and animal interests.” Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip].

Another wolf de-listing deadline approaches. Now they are officially supposed to be off-listed Friday. Groups still plan to sue, again. In a bit… Barker in the Statesman.

Gannon out sick, wife to finish session in his stead. Has stomach problems unrelated to past cancer. Has filed for re-election. Hopkins in the Times-News.

Syme stumps in CDA. Iraq vet running in crowded field for Craig’s seat. Syme: “Iraq’s not going to last forever. There are other places in the world that are breeding grounds for terrorism. That is something that is critical right now and it’s something that is driving me to run for this office.” Garmire in the CDA Press.

Ron Paul dudes taking on local GOP in Twin Falls. Paulie: It’s a nationwide effort to return to our roots. Roots=Chenoweth. Poppino in the Times-News.

Court gives Canyon the shaft on immigration charges. County tried to sue local businesses that hire undocumented. 9th circuit says nope. Rico. Boone, AP in the Times-News.

On the blogs: Hal your Pal running against Risch and them. Kuraitis on NewWest.

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