Emissions, Business Tax & Transit

On Tuesday, public school budgets were set, a personal property tax repeal bill went into play and an emission testing mandate passed a House committee on the third or fourth try. Committee secretaries began raising their eyebrows in an indication that the end game is near.

Also, Unda’ the Rotunda breaks news that Gov. Otter now supports running a Constitutional amendment to forestall local option taxes for transit/roads… in today’s Newsrack.


Emissions testing bill passes committee. Requires emission testing when areas are close to federal non-attainment. Allows county/city to opt out if they have a better idea. Governor, industry groups now support. Canyon County still dislikes it. Rep. Snodgrass: “I think the people in the House and the Senate will act if we show them the costs and the consequences of nonattainmenBarker in the Statesman.

Otter supports Constitutional amendment for local option tax. Locals not psyched about amending the Constitution so they can catch a bus. Nexus between ITD funding and local transit needs. Shrinkage. Hoffman in the Boise Weekly.

Business property tax repeal introduced. Could eventually cost state $120 million. Assumes revenue growth. Senate backing down on demand that repeal accompany tax exemption repeals as well. Sen. Hill: “If it gets through the House, I think there’s a good chance it’ll get through the committee.” Shifrin, AP in the Statesman.

Teachers get $23.8 million more. Luna’s latest teacher pay plan passes JFAC. Gives bulk of raises to new teachers. Like $900 each. Miller, AP in the Statesman. Moves from budget commitee with “No Reccomendation.” Russell in the Spokesman. Teacher pay at more than $800 million. Goins in the CDA Press.

Senate Ed suggests changes to Ed Board. Committee tells governor to remove some duties. Give testing back to the department, etc. Hopkins in the Times-News.

House considers child death review board. Idaho is the only state that does not review child deaths, and it shows. HB 511. Druzin in the Statesman. Russell in the Spokesman.

Game time at Annex. Chuck Winder likely to take on Moyle, Labrador will have challenger, but he’s running for something too, Brian Cronin to seek District 19 seat (one of them)… Langhorst going into County politics. Darr in the Boise Weekly. East Idaho seats holding steady. Hopkins in the Times-News.

Langhorst seeks county seat. Will not go for third Senate term, prefers to work at County Commission level. Sen. David Langhorst: “I just have a strong feeling that I can do more for this place – (where) I love to live – on the local level.” Challenging Rick Yzaguirre. Druzin in the Statesman.

Elk farming council killed. Proposal to form a domestic elk committee not introduced to Senate Ag. Sen. Corder: “I appreciate the growing pains of your industry. But clearly they are not ready for this.” Davidson in the Post Register.

Do plane rides curry favor? Rep. Roberts: No. Rep. Rusche: It stinks. Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip]. VanderSloot offers jet to Dems. Jaquet: No Way. Davidson in the Post Register.

Moscow upholds domestic partner bennies. Despite AG ruling and threat of lawsuit, city decides to continue to offer the benefits. Johnson in the LMT [subscrip].

Lori Otter, Wasden pitch meth project. In Washington, DC. Otter: “Everywhere kids are, we are.” Bolstad in the Statesman.

10 guns used in crimes traced to Idaho Falls gunshop. Red’s in federal court over ATF order to shut down. ATF: “Most FFLs (federal firearms licensees) have training and standardized practices.” Friedman in the Times News. 150 errors cited. Boone, AP in the Press Tribune.

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