iSTARS Killed, Crapo Rising & Strontium

Last week broke the ice in a few ways. Serious bills on transportation funding and grocery tax reduction appeared and a debate on performance pay for teachers appears settled for now.

Friday morning the Senate killed a teacher merit pay plan that was backed by the Department of Education and the Governor’s office in a close vote. It’s not clear what teachers will get now that the second iteration of their pay plan is dead.

Sen. Crapo is adjusting to his role as soon-to-be senior senator from Idaho, though he won’t admit it yet. Radioactive exposure at an Idaho Falls company supposedly contained, national group helping Idaho vets run for Congress and a Statesman story on the Legislative chaplains with no discussion of the Establishment Clause… in the Monday newsrack…

Teacher performance pay dies in Senate debate. Teacher’s union still wants to talk: Teachers “are so thrilled that we have a second chance at this, to come up with a workable solution.” 16-19 vote, some principled, some cash strapped, some mad. Russell in the Spokesman Review. Luna moving on. Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip].

Salisbury one of a dozen Iraq vets running for Congress. Pro-war vets running across the country. Salisbury is challenging Rep. Sali in the May primary and Scott Syme is running for Sen. Craig’s open seat. Iraq Veterans for Congress group is helping their cause. Julie Carr Smyth, AP in the Statesman.

Phased in tax credit for food. New food tax relief bill gets “tepid” welcome from governor. Hearings this week. Druzin in the Statesman.

Luna’s role on State Board of Education also questioned. Sen. Schroeder: “I don’t know whether you understand you were going down a path in which money was being contracted for, obligated for and it was not in compliance with state law. I want to give you the opportunity to explain your involvement in the process.” Luna: I did not want to get rid of testing. Hopkins in the Times News.

Tribe reassures Senate Conservation Committee on gill netting. Nez Perce slowing down development of fishery to allay fears. But tribal fisherman feel threatened on the river. Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip].

Crapo stepping up. Junior senator moving up as Sen. Craig fades. ” In the uncertainty over whether Craig would stay or go, Idaho residents started going to Crapo with passport problems, IRS troubles and other disputes with federal agencies. They continue to do so.” Working Owyhee Canyonlands rewrite. Bolstad in the Statesman.

N. Idaho bills make adjudication voluntary. Rep. Eskridge: “We’ll see many people that will elect to adjudicate. That’s pretty cheap insurance.” Russell in the Spokesman Review.

Going home bill? Idaho Reports does auto registrations. Also Denney on the job, scholarships and volcanoes, Board of Education…

Wood River Journal for sale. Locals trying to buy it from Lee. Mtn. Express.

Kos buys Dem jacket. Idaho Democratic spokesman: More butts in seats at Frank Church fundraiser. Markos Moulitsas “You’re rebuilding Idaho’s Democratic Party from the ground up.” Webb in the Statesman. Bloggy account.

Plenty to pray about. Legislative chaplains ministering to ill lawmakers and their family. Shared values… accept Jesus. David Goebel: “You walk a fine line of being authentic to who you are as a pastor and your faith tradition, but being broad and inclusive enough to include people of other faith backgrounds.” Druzin in the Statesman.

BSU to transfer Nampa campus to CWI. Agreement, non-binding, but approved Friday. Runkle in the Press Tribune.

Workers inhale radioactive Strontium-90. Accident at Sabia Inc. in Idaho Falls affects at least one employee. Talbott in the Statesman. Timeline at Press Tribune.

17 guns found at airport checkpoints last week. One of them was a Canyon County Commissioner’s. Dave Ferdinand has concealed weapon permit. Forgot? Misdemeanor citation, allowed to fly. Butts in the Press Tribune.

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