Sudan, Midwife Debate & Home Prices

A powerful (as in compelling, not corrupt) effort to force Idaho’s retirement fund to drop a few companies that do business with the Sudanese government failed Wednesday in the Senate State Affairs Committee. Chairman Curt McKenzie, once a sponsor of the bill, sided with the money folks, arguing that it was a slippery slope to pick and choose causes for divestment.

Midwives, OBs packed the house to debate the merits of licensing midwifery in the state. Vote delayed due to the hour. A real estate price disclosure bill passed committee after 17 years, Dairymen are taking up the immigration debate and Head Start funding is on the line… in today’s NewsRack.


McKenzie kills Sudan divestment bill. Nampa Sen. Curt McKenzie, former co-sponsor can’t decide where the line is, votes down targeted divestment of PERSI funds. John Sullivan, Divestment Taskforce: “This is a matter of PERSI not wanting any legislative input at all, irrespective of their funds enabling genocide.” Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip]. Druzin in the Statesman.

Long labor, no vote on midwife bill. More than five hours of testimony leaves no time for a vote. Midwives want voluntary licensing but some doctors and nurses oppose it. Idaho County Doc Andrew Jones: “There’s a huge 600-pound gorilla in the room. That 600-pound gorilla is the rogue element of lay midwifery that will not come forward and get licensed.” Rep. McGeachin demands apology. Shifrin, AP in the Press Tribune. McGeachin says mandatory licenses would outlaw lay midwifery in the state. Davidson in the Post-Register [subscrip].

$1.79 million in Head Start funding may be eliminated. Governor, H&W reccommend cutting Temporary Assistance to Needy Families funds that go to Head Start. Half-million dollar shortfall in Magic Valley program. Gates in the Times-News.

Dairymen take on immigration debate. Hire immigration attorney for advice… who happens to be State Rep. Raul Labrador. IDA Executive Director Bob Naerebout: “Immigration reform is important to the economy of Idaho and the United States. Our goal is to protect the borders but also to promote responsible immigration reform.” Hopkins in the Times-News.

Home price disclosure bill passes Senate committee. After two decades of trying. Buyers will have to repot prices to assessors, over objections of real estate agents. Prices will remain confidential. Miller, AP in the Press Tribune.

Wolf delist, lawsuits expected today. Barker in the Statesman. 10 AM presser. Christensen in the Times-News. Full treatment by Kauffman in the Mountain Express.

Enviros force study of federal sheep station near Yellowstone. Biological opinion due in November. Experimental grazing program alleged to affect wild sheep, other native species. Ridler, AP in the Press Tribune.

Big Easy wants to be an “event center”. So it can serve booze and have all-ages shows too. Taking the fight to the Legislature. New owners: “We’re trying to get the Big Easy—which is Knitting Factory now—defined under a different law than restaurant, because we’re not a restaurant.” Daigle in the Boise Weekly.

Downshifting of N. Idaho water rights review passes Senate. Three bills to scale back adjudication up there go to House. Fourth measure up for amendments. Goins in the CDA Press.

Rand Lewis drops out of Congressional race, again. Ran last cycle for a week. Now backing Larry Grant in primary against Walt Minnick. Both hope to challenge Rep. Bill Sali in November. Russell in the Spokesman.

Whither the Democratic Party? Speculation abounds at resignation of John Foster, short-term head of Idaho Dems. On heels of other top resignations. Big candidate vs. Big party debate. Zach Hagadone in the Boise Weekly.

Outfitters and Guides want to jack fines to $1,000. Committee approves ten-fold hike in fines for unlicensed guides in Idaho. Davidson in the Post Register.

Tamarack not going away, despite bankruptcy dec. Statesman experts say plenty of people would take over a resort like that. Tamarack attorney: “They could not stand by and let the banking situation derail the company. Because of the pledge agreement they had with Credit Suisse, it would have essentially allowed someone else to take over the company.”Dey in the Statesman.

Column: Obama likes closed primary bill. Anonymous south Idaho Republican senator: “You mean the ‘Let’s elect more Democrats’ bill?” Could piss off new Dems enough to make Cec’s dreams come true. Dean Ferguson in the LMT [subsrcip].

New tailor in town: Alterations Master. Afghan refugee to open authentic tailor shop in downtown Boise. Grand opening 10-2 Saturday in the Alaska Building, 1020 Main St.

Also Rep. Bob Shaefer is seeking a 13th term, debate on emission testing and midwife licensing bills will continue next week, Rep. Smith recovering from respiratory difficulty and NewWest confirms that Paleo did in fact feel an earthquake this morning!

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