Larry Craig, State Pay & Ed Board

The Senate Ethics Committee has chastised Sen. Larry Craig for ethics violations surrounding his June arrest. The decision comes with no penalty and Craig said in a brief statement he is staying put. No reaction yet from Idaho’s other Congressmen.

The House debated a whole bunch of bills yesterday, most of which moved on to the Senate. The Senate Education Committee is holding confirmation of the State Board of Education president hostage until it can get some answers. And state employees are gathering some momentum to oppose Otter’s plan for their health benefits…


Ethics committee spanks Craig. Official letter of chastisement cites misuse of campaign funds, attempt to skirt the Constitution and admission of guilt to a crime. Idaho delegation mum. Craig says he’s staying in. Bolstad in the Statesman. Whaddya think of that? AP in the Press Tribune.

State workers don’t like compensation proposal. Only a handful of 1,000 comments are positive on Otter’s raise pay-cut benefits plan. But many state employees scared to speak up. Otter says his plan is competitive with the private sector. State librarian: “There aren’t a whole lot of librarians out there running to the private sector.” Druzin in the Statesman.

Jorgenson called to the mat on State Board of Ed critique. North Idaho Senator wants answers from dysfunctional Ed board but Senate leaders ask him to keep his cool. Popkey in the Statesman. Board president’s confirmation delayed until full airing later this month. Miller, AP in the Press Tribune.

Rexburg Senator Hill wants elk farm council. State sanctioned group would promote the domestic elk industry in Idaho with a $3 head tax on the livestock. Domestic Cervidae Council, it’s called. Christensen in the Times-News.

North North Idaho water adjudication scaled back. But not all the way. Russell in the Spokesman. Goins in the CDA Press.

Rival home price bills, again. It’s the 17th attempt in 21 years to force home price reporting to county assessors. Realtors wear the pants. Estrella in the Statesman.

Takasugi will take on Bowers. For Canyon County Legislative seat. Pat Takasugi, former director of the Dept. of Ag, has a farm south of Wilder. Will announce plans Friday. Press Tribune.

Start digging. LMT reporter, Legislature mired in mud. “Around here, it doesn’t sound strange for someone to say, ‘Luckily, I had a shovel with me.'” Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip].

Ernie Day, photographer, conservationist, dies. Castle Peak photo and life of activism helped preserve Idaho wilderness. Barker in the Statesman.

Lankford still guilty. Of 1983 double murder in North Idaho. AP in the Times-News.

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