Caucuses, iSTARS & Conservation

Obama visit, organizing came through for him across Idaho Tuesday night. Clinton gets only three of 18 delegates from Idaho according to the Spokesman Review. McCain claimed a decisive victory nationwide, but the Democratic race is still up for grabs, though Clinton has the edge. Lots of primary links below and check for audio from the Ada County caucus on soon.

Tom Luna is standing by his teacher pay plan despite increasing pressure to amend it, prison building in the Boise Weekly and field burning negotiations will continue… in today’s Newsrack…


No Losers. McManus and Wallsten in the LA Times. Obama, Romney take the western states. Lowery and Weber on

20,000 Democrats caucus. Lots more than before. Obama strong throughout the state. Team Statesman. Hundreds of Ada County caucusers turned away. Some get to turn in a ballot anyway. Shifrin, AP in the the Seattle PI. Obama gets 15 Idaho delegates. Russell in the Spokesman. Ada County caucus blow by blow by blow. Idaho: racist no more. Popkey in the Statesman. Boise State Radio.

Canyon County turnout double expectations. Bryan Dooley in the Press Tribune. Turnout is the story everywhere. LMT [subscrip]. IF gets 9x last caucus. Nick Draper in the Post Register [subscrip].
State Journal has Pocatello. Obama-rama in CDA Press.

Boise will foot $4,700 security bill for Obama. Event was free and open. Secret Service requested backup. Sali had to pay for his 2006 Cheney visit. Statesman.

Private prisons gaining steam at Legislature. Hidden costs, social costs have not been examined. Hoffman in the BW.

Senate Ed Chairman Goedde looks to IEA. As long as they make it easier to get rid of bad teachers, he is not beholden to Category 4 contracts in Luna plan. Luna is sticking by iSTARS. Anne Wallace Allen in the Statesman. State Board will survey educators on ISAT. Hopkins in the Times-News.

Blake Hall among Ed Board trustees to be questioned. Hall, attorney to the National Republican Convention, among three board members Senate could oust. Hall: Nothing to gain from staying on board. “If (Otter) wanted someone else to serve on the board, I’d be happy to step down.” Davidson in the Post Register.

Bipartisan cash for conservation bill. Tax credit for land preservation. Laird Noh: “We are like many other ranchers who have been somewhat stunned by the amount that very wealthy, out-of-state developers and investors will pay for open space.” Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip]. Shifrin, AP in the Press Tribune.

Field burning negotiations continue next week, legislation discussed. DEQ will likely manage the program. Safe harbor still at issue. Hedberg in the LMT [subsscrip].

Gill netting ban introduced. Democrats oppose as slight to tribes. Hopkins in the Times-News.

Urban renewal limits introduced. North Idaho lawmaker wants to limit tax revenue flowing to urban renewal. Goins in the CDA Press.

Races: Bolz to seek 5th term. In the Press Tribune. Nancy Merrill, former mayor, to run for one of two Eagle seats. In the Press Tribune.

Jon Thorson getting his feet wet. Stennett replacement is learning the ropes in Boise. Stahl in the Mtn. Express.

Abdullah Al-Kidd in settlement negotiations with feds. Case stems from his 2003 detention as a material witness in an Idaho terror trial that the government lost. Former University of Idaho student sued. AP in the Press Tribune.

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