Groceries, Liquor and Elections

A long list of Republican law makers submitted a concept grocery tax credit bill Wednesday that does not quite match the governor’s or Democrats’ notion. It increases the state’s tax credit on groceries for everyone, giving the poor $25 more a year.

Opening liquor stores on Election Day got a nod, but barely, in committee. And Obama will be at Taco Bell Arena Saturday morning… one estimate projects 10,000. One Republican State Senator told he’s not voting for Obama, but he might go see him… PaleoMedia will be out of town, but would consider publishing a first-hand account from the show…

Grocery tax proposal gives slight boost to tax credit for all. $25 extra for the poor. No agreement with Otter and Democrats still want it take off at the register. Druzin in the Statesman. Higher credit, $55, applies to family of four earning less than $23,500, half of what Otter put out last year. Russell in the Spokesman. Otter still favors a more targeted credit just for poor Idahoans. Miller, AP in the Press Tribune.

JFAC: Why ICC and ISSH? Otter wants to pay off $58 million in bonds at state prison and state hospital. Budgeters ask why those two. Governors office says they have the greatest impact on the general fund. AP in the Statesman.

Obama visit takes Popkey back to… Church. Frank Church, who briefly ran for president in ’76. Obama will be at Taco Bell Arena Saturday at 9 AM. Free parking. Popkey in the Statesman. RSVP. No bags. No signs.

House Transpo kills little car bill. Low speed electric cars still can’t mingle with traffic. Save it for the golf course. Shifrin, AP in the Press Tribune.


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