Teacher Pay, Roadless, Nexus

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna presents his budget this morning with no advance indication that he has scaled back a $60 million teacher pay plan to fall in line with Gov. Otter’s notion. PaleoMedia will be there. Also, Forest Service is looking at Idaho’s Roadless plan again, taxing internet sales and coming soon… a primer on using PaleoMedia.org more efficiently.

Dept. of Ed tight lipped on budget request. Rumors Luna will ask for less to get some. Presentation starts at 8 a.m. today. Anne Wallace Alllen in the Statesman.

Federal wolf delisting rule broadened. 10-J edits loosen standards for killing “problem” wolves. Fed wolf recover coordinator Ed Bangs: The more wolves, the more flexibility states need to manage them like other species of wildlife such as black bears and mountain lions. Miller in the Seattle P-I.

Forestry committee wants to put roadless back in roadless plan. Will take another look at the “backcountry restoration” areas. Risch says fine, but it’s still a good plan. Also, Risch, in Washington, attends two fundraisers for his Senate campaign. Trip is paid with campaign funds. Bolstad in the Statesman.

Human Rights Commission wants attorney fees for human rights plaintiffs. HR Director Leslie Goddard: “The law is inconsistent with similar laws,” like whistle blower, consumer fraud cases. Ferguson in the LMT [subscrip].

Define reasonable. Dept. of Lands wants to define reasonable rents for float homes on two North Idaho lakes. One law makers calls it rent control. Russell in the Spokesman.

Cabela’s or nexus bill back. Would force companies with storefront in Idaho to pay taxes on Internet sales to Idahoans. Sen. Brad Little: “It sends a signal that you don’t set up a sham corporation to get around paying your taxes.” Druzin in the Statesman.

Tax committee looks at airplane fuels, internet tobacco. Raising jet and airplane fuel tax would help small airports. Also looking at use tax for tobacco products and killed a measure to join other states in taxing companies selling out of state. Hopkins in the Times-News.

N. Idaho senator wants to up traffic fines in schools zones. John Goedde, CDA, would increase speeding fines near schools by $75.Statesman.

County commish wants more control over highway districts. Idaho County commissioner Skip Brandt is going to the Legislature: “What I’d really like to see happen is a mechanism put into place that would give county commissioners a little more authority in forming, dissolving or reforming highway districts to make (the system) more efficient” Kathy Hedberg in the LMT[subscription].

Elk found dead at feeding site from infection. Five elk died at winter feeding site near Hailey. Kauffman in the Mtn. Express.

NIC wants $115,000 for joint program with Spokane. Would share cardiovascular technology and aviation mechanics classes. Goins in the CDA Press.

County Association, Popkey support graft bill. AG filed 10 public corruption charges in 2007. Kelly-Luker bill would help. Popkey in the Statesman.

Ferguson: Boise State survey is photo negative of Legislature. “In Boise, you learn not to expect ideas to change unless the faces do.” Opinions of Idahoans do not match those of Legislature on wilderness, gay rights, etc. But Idahoans are also happy with the way things are going. Go figure. Ferguson in the LMT [subscription].

Online petition targets Bowers. 17 signatures Wednesday night, 5 from Boise. Opposing an op-ed that the newly appointed Nampa Rep. wrote in the Press Tribune. GOP County Boss Todd Lakey: “I think Curtis is a good person, a good representative with values that reflect his constituents in Canyon County. I think some of the critics are overreacting. Representative Bowers has a good, Christian values system.” Butts in the Press Tribune.

Guy named “Pro-Life” is part of church bent on Emmett. Formerly Marvin Richardson. Janet Monti in the Messenger-Index [summary].


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