Growth, Guns and Gingrich

Idaho growth still among fastest in nation, with people moving here to either find a job or slow down their lives. Perhaps the growth is part of the reason for continued battles over CAFO’s in Jerome County. And Gingrich is coming to Idaho in February.

Idaho is 4th fastest growing state in nation according to US Census Bureau. Idaho Dept. of Labor’s Alan Porter: Idaho’s population, which leaped 2.4 percent, came from job hunters and people seeking “slower paced” lives. Ferguson. LMT.

Dairymen and Cattlemen have sued Jerome County over a 6-month extension on its moratorium on new CAFOs. Christensen. Times-News.

Twin Fall’s gun store owner takes credit for elevating his fight with ATF to presidential campaign status. Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney quoted on Red’s Trading Post blog. Friedman. Times-News.

Complaint filed on whispering school board officials. editor Jay Cohn filed a public meeting complaint against the Boundary County School Board after members declined to speak up during a board meeting. Cohn.

Newt Gingrich will address the Idaho Association of Counties conference in February. AP in Statesman.

Idaho PTSD-causing cops get coverage in Iran’s English language media.

On the blogs: Randy Stapilus has 10 Legislative races to watch in ’08. Ridenbaugh Press.

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