Cops, Craig, Smoking

Thursday’s Newsrack includes a story that raises plenty of questions about who is policing us now. Do ex-military guys training to be civilian police need extra training or treatment? Are academies training cops to inflict PTSD on us? And has anyone spoken to the young officers that came up with the slogan? Also, the race for Craig’s seat grows, pot on hold in Hailey and how do we get to Canada…

The Idaho police cadets who chose a revealingly adolescent class slogan made a brief hit on Fox News with Brit Hume and TV news across the state. Russell. Spokesman.

Caldwell real estate broker and Iraq and Afghanistan vet Scott Syme will run against Risch and Rammell and Kent Marmon (news to PaleoMedia as well) for the GOP primary on Larry Craig’s soon-to-be-open Senate seat. Syme: “Politicians with little or no military knowledge have meddled in this war and poor decisions have been made which have cost American lives and American dollars.” Not clear which politicians he is referring to… Murrant. IPT.

And Craig tops Spears, Don Imus and Bill Belichick on list of naughtiest Americans. Meyer. IPT.

South Idaho Press has a purple map of Idaho?

Best lead: “The Hailey City Council will scratch its collective head a little longer over three sticky marijuana initiatives approved by voters in November.” This, after AG’s office throws out three reasons the initiative may be illegal. Smith. Mountain-Express.

284 state employees make more than Gov. Otter… and he’s OK with that. Pundit Jim Weatherby: “It says something about the impact of football, and winning a major bowl game.” Russell. Spokesman.

Eskridge wants “smart licenses” for Idahoans going to Canada. Eskridge: “Our relationship with Canada is unique – it’s a friendly relationship, it’s a stable relationship, we’ve got friends and relatives across the border.” Russell. Spokesman.

Report: Idaho not spending enough on tobacco prevention. State spends less than 2 percent of tobacco tax money and tobacco settlement funds on prevention, according to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Poppino. Times-News. Clickable US map.

In the blogs: Two Idaho papers apologize for running lame, regurgitated and scandalous letters defaming Obama. Red State Rebels.

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