Tuesday: State school board, immigration training and mental health

Governor may weigh in on funding and testing crisis at the State Board of Education in State of the State next month. Betsy Z. Russell. Spokesman Review.

Boise woman seeks open meetings for homeowners associations. Sen. Mike Burkett: “It’s a quasi-governmental activity created to represent people.” Kathleen Kreller. Idaho Statesman.

Sen. Mike Crapo wants to Interior to allow guns in national parks and refuges. Erika Bolstad. Idaho Statesman.

Idaho Special Olympics, other pork projects part of $516 billion federal spending package before Senate today. Todd Dvorak, AP. Idaho Statesman.

Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney is considering an immigration enforcement training program for deputies at the jail. AP in Statesman.

State looking for a secure mental health facility to house prisoners awaiting trial, others. AP. Argus Observer.

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