School Suit Suit, BSU Prof in Bosnia…

The Idaho Statesman’s Dan Popkey had a juicy Sunday story naming four men who claim to have had sex with Sen. Larry Craig. Craig has denied the allegations, calling it tabloid journalism and refusing to speak to the paper. AP in the Press-Tribune.

State lawmakers to look at siting of transitional homes. “It’s difficult to get a straight answer on how people interpret the Fair Housing Act,” Idaho Department of Correction Director Brent Reinke said. Kristin Rodine. Idaho Statesman.

State lawmakers to look at urban renewal. Kathleen Sims: “There’s no blight in Coeur d’Alene and I would welcome anyone to come and try to find some.” Lora Volkert. Idaho Business Review.

Rep. Bill Sali proposed 16 amendment to mining reform bill. None stick. Betsy Z. Russell. Spokesman-Review.

High court sued on schools suit decision. Stan Kress: “We’ve got some malpractice going on in the Legislature.” Betsy Z. Russell. Spokesman Review.

Crapo supporting health care reform bill that requires Americans to get insurance. Nate Poppino. Times-News.

Ag department teaches new way to count cows in CAFOs. Sven Berg. South Idaho Press.

Ed Bangs: Idaho wolf management plan will end up in court. Matt Christensen. Times-News.

Boise State history prof Nicholas Miller testified in Bosnia war crimes tribunal. Tabitha Keily says he’s “fair and balanced” in the Boise State Arbiter.

Boise mobile home parks being sold for development, Boise State report shows. Tabitha Kiely. Arbiter.

State Journal reporter Dan Boyd wins national award for his series on Peruvian sheep herders. No link to series.

Idaho has a Poet of the Year in Kathryn Hamshar. Terri Ivie. Priest River Times.

Mt. Baldy skiing opened this weekend. Greg Moore. Mtn. Express.

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