Jail food, canoe tax and Gooding home that’s not so good

Twenty-two year old inmate dies at Idaho State Correctional Institution south of Boise. Jerry James Morales was terrified of going to prison and had banged his head against the wall at the Bannock County Jail before being transferred. Under investigation. Rebecca Boone. AP in Statesman.

And Power County Sheriff Jim Jeffries says he may be forced to outsource meals at County Jail, ending a long relationship with local food stores. “Historically the jail hasn’t had a professional cook,” Jeffries said. “That’s how it has been done for decades. Instead we use inmates in the kitchen with intermediate supervision.” The jail buys food locally, an arrangement that will no longer be possible if meals are outsourced to Food Services of America. Power County Press.

Gem County Commissioner Sharon Pratt is concerned that the now-forming Treasure Valley Community College could cost Gem County more money: “I don’t think the organizers realize the financial impact the school will have on outlying counties like ours. For each student who attends, Gem County will pay $500,” Pratt said. Janet Monti. Messenger Index

Bill Sali: “I think the Republican Party has lost track. We were in the majority and we spent money like drunken sailors and ran into ethical problems…. Republicans have a very deep-seated problem … people believe Democrats will spend less than the Republicans.” Lora Volkert. Idaho Business Review.

Sen. Larry Craig favors Lamar Alexander over Kay Bailey Hutchinson for Minority Whip Lott’s job. Mary Ann Akers and Paul Kane in The Statesman.

Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Richard Stallings will resign from the Pocatello City Council to focus on the state party… and his consulting business. Rob Hicken. Idaho Business Review.

In U.S. Court news, Boise attorney Candy Dale will take over for federal Judge Mikel Williams in March, and Pocatello-based Judge Ronald Bush will take over for Judge Larry Boyle in September. Dale will be the first woman to serve as a federal magistrate in Idaho. Idaho Statesman.

Is Idaho transportation board mad that Governor Otter dissed it in a speech? Deanna Darr. Boise Weekly.

State schools chief Luna says focus should be on the family, not on funding early childhood education. Heath Druzin. Idaho Statesman.

Will Idaho tax boaters? As in row boaters… Plan may not be ready for ’08 Legislature. John Miller. AP.

And Jim Fisher at the Lewiston Morning Tribune decries the closed door meetings on the boat tax.

Otter, tribes reach last minute fuel tax agreement. “Entering into the agreement was a difficult decision for the Nez Perce Tribe because of the issues created by the passage of the legislation during the 2007 session,” Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee Chairman Samuel N. Penney said in a news release. “However, the agreement does protect the interest of both parties and prevents the need for more costly litigation on this issue in the future.” Dean Ferguson. Lewiston Morning Tribune.

Gooding nursing home among “worst in the nation.” Nate Poppino. Times-News.

Ada County Mosquito Abatement District forum on 2008 plan. 7:00 p.m. Meet & Greet. 7:30 p.m. Presentation. Tuesday, December 4, 2007. 975 E. Pine Ave. between N. Nola Rd. & E. 5th Street Meridian, Idaho.

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